Stuart Crossett

I’ve always looked at life through the lens of a camera. The first Olympus OM1 fell into my hands when I was 14 and it was an inevitable path that led to RMIT, assisting in Sydney and then on to shooting. And that’s what has kept me busy, very busy, for many years.

We have a team of specialists in managing big projects: finding amazing locations, designing and producing special effects  and coordinating large productions, from burning buildings, jumping cars and giant snow domes, to working with snakes, lions, elephants and insects.

But I also like small: intimate shots, portraits, table-top work and charity projects that are always a pleasure to work on.

The work has led to a numerous awards, both local and international, including Award, MADC, ACMP, Cannes, One Show, Communication Arts and acceptance into Lurzer’s Archive ‘200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide’ on multiple occasions.

But the greatest reward is working with people – art directors, producers, clients – to produce outstanding photography that works, and to have a damn good time doing it.